Toucan Sam is definitely the symbol of an era of early morning cereal and getting ready for school. I think everyone born in the 1980s will agree that Froot Loops have always been a top-tier cereal.

Toucan Sam has been featured on boxes of Froot Loops since way back in 1963. This used to be my favorite cereal from age six to about ten years old. I remember the box used to have a plastic sticky spider that would slide down the wall. I used to love those and would run through boxes of Froot Loops just to get them.

The makers of Froot Loops decided that now is the perfect time to change the swag of the beloved mascot Toucan Sam. The new Toucan Sam features a rainbow beak and looks like an older rendition of Toucan. The new mascot definitely is not futuristic in my opinion. The version they have been using for the past couple of years definitely looks modern so I didn’t really feel the need for a change.

Apparently the internet wasn’t feeling the new design either. Internet critics had nothing but negativity to speak about the new design.

Here is the traditional design.

Here is the new design:

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The new design was greeted with plenty of trash emojis. Maybe the logo isn’t so bad and the cereal really is meant for kids.  Why 30-year-old men are calling the new design trash is beyond me, the cereal was made for 5-year-olds so why are you complaining? Either way the new design is here to stay, people don’t like change.

What do you think of the new Toucan Sam?

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