Who Was Your First?
I hear a lot of people complain that music isn't good anymore, while that is all subjective and music is in the ear of the beholder.
#TBT Interview w/ Sporty Thieves
Remember the movement the Sporty Thieves had going in the late 90's with No Pigeons, Cheapskate and What I look like ? Well they checked in with The Supreme Experience to let us know what they are up to now and their view on Hip Hop today. Check out the interview below :
#TBT: Montell Jordan Memories [VIDEO]
Thank the lord it's Thursday, the weekend is so dam close we can taste it! Not only is it Friday Eve my friends, but it is also according to the world of social media... THROWBACK THURSDAY aka TBT aka #TBT. Now you know this is probably my favorite day of the week because I always love to bring…
Grand Puba On #TBT
Grand Puba Checks In with The Supreme Experience On Throwback Thursday to let us know his current opinion on the state of Hip Hop Culture. Talks about current moves his new movie and more. Check the Interview !
#TBT: Throw Back Thursday: ‘Hip Hop Junkies’ [VIDEO]
Oh yes, it's Thursday!! Better yet, TBT: aka Throw Back Thursday! Whether you're on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or all of the above. People go crazy on Thursdays posting old photos, throwing it back to the good old days! So why not bring it back on TBT with an old school hip hop video als…