Yesterday I got a chance to attend the Revolt Summit that kicked off in Brooklyn at the Kings Theater. This was one of three Revolt summits that will take place this year. The Revolt summit is a summarized by Diddy himself as a mass cultural meeting , where creatives in all aspects of the music business can come together and listen, learn and most importantly network. Networking is key in the music business and knowing the right people and having some knowledge to go with it can get you real far in the industry.

The Revolt Summit concluded with a live taping of Joe Buddens show where Remy , Jinx, Cassanova and Asap Ferg talked about the Asap Rocky case that is going on in Sweden and the new age of female rappers.

Chalamagne the god moderated a sit down with Brookyln Jonny who is an A7R and helped Cardi B get to where she is at and also he spoke with Diddy on black ownership.  There were a ton of information being said on how to navigate, and make it big in the industry. The next Revolt Summit will take place in September in Atlanta and then in October it will be out in LA.