The all new pick 2 at 2 with Keisha Renee, kicks off tomorrow at 2pm. If you got a song you want to hear, a favorite classic or even a track from an undiscovered artist, you can catch it during the 2 o'clock hour.

Each day there will be a new poll on the website where you can vote for the next day's pick 2 at 2 song tracks.

Tomorrow we will kick it off with your favorite tracks from Keyshia Cole.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Keyshia Cole burst onto the scene in '04 with her debut song "Love". She had everyone, female and even some males in they feelings singing along. Since then she has had her own reality show, dropped 7 studio albums and has been nominated and won many awards. Recently she was added to the cast of Love and Hip Hop and opened up about her relationship with Boobie and how they co-parent and also sharing new music with her fans.

Click on your favorite Keyshia Cole song to be played during the new "Pick 2 @ 2 with Keisha Renee" starting tomorrow.





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