Yesterday I attended an amazing event for women who are in radio and the media/entertainment industry. It was a beyond amazing event with such intelligent, ambitious and beautiful women from all over and all different backgrounds. 

The panel included Angela Yee, Thea Mitchem, Helen Little, Jen From BK, Honey German, Katie Neal, and Hosted by Melissa Sweets. They talked various topics that we women may face every day working in the business such as asking for promotions and raises, being told No and overlooked, being a yes man as an intern to being able to know your worth and being ok with saying no yourself. Each panelist spoke a little on how they got into the business and some of the trails and tribulations they went through to get them to the next level. 

I got a chance to network and connect with women from all over and learn a little thing or two that I now can and will apply to my career. 

One thing I loved was the diversity in the room and how #WomeninRadio allowed the people attending to submit questions for topics discussed. It really felt natural which made conversations flow easy.

I'm looking forward to the next Women in Radio event. They say “network to yah net worth” 


Melissa Sweets, Helen Little, Honey German, Thea Mitchem, Angela Yee, Katie Neal, Jen From BK


Angela Yee, Keisha Renee


Melissa Sweets and Keisha Renee


Keisha Renee




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