I was really hopeful that we were in for a positive weekend. Juneteenth was on Saturday and Father’s Day was on Sunday, so everybody should’ve been in a festival mood. Apparently everyone did not agree with me because people were still out there shooting each other in the streets of Albany.

Saturday night was a violent night in Albany. Just before 11 p.m. a 24-year-old man was reportedly found in the area of N. Lake Ave. and First Street with multiple gunshot wounds to his torso.

Albany police say that they are investigating this incident as a homicide.  The man was initially treated at the scene by Albany firefighters, but he was then transported to the Albany Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. The 24-year-old man’s name has not yet been released. Police are waiting until his family has been notified.

Shortly after the North Avenue shooting, the police were called for a gunshot victim in the area of Clinton Avenue and Quail Street. Fortunately, the second victim wasn’t critically injured.

Once on the scene, the officers found a 30-year-old man with a gunshot wound to the arm.  The injured subject was taken to the Albany Medical Center where he received additional treatment.  Officers believe that the shooting on N. Lake Ave. may be connected with the Clinton Ave. shooting.

At this time, investigations are ongoing.  Anyone with information about these incidents should call the Albany Detective Division at (518)-462-8039.

We’ve got to do better than this. With all that is going on in the world, this seems insane. Too many people are taking to the streets to protest police brutality, let’s not have them out there fighting in vain. What could be the possible cause of the uptick in violence in Albany? Have any of the suspects been apprehended? What can we do to stop this? Be your brother's keeper!

Tap in Live this afternoon w/ The Supreme Experience to discuss possible resolutions to the rise in violence in the Capital Region.

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