Recently there have been allegations flying around about R. Kelly's sex habits again. Just in case you were hiding under a rock over 10 years ago R. Kelly had a massive court case where he was accused of video taping himself having sex with a 14-year-old girl.

Mr. R. Kelly is back in the news again with an allegation from parents that he is keeping their 21-year-old daughter against her free will. Her parents also claimed that he has brainwashed the girls and won't let them have any contact with the outside world. That means that can't communicate with family friends or anyone besides Mr. Kelly.

After the parents finished complaining about how awful the conditions were they proceeded to ask R. Kelly for money.

Do you think R. Kelly is wrong for setting up this alleged sex camp with consenting adult women? Hugh Hefner has had his own rendition of a sex camp for years and no one had anything to say.

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