The Breakfast Club

Donkey Of The Day : Nicole Arbour
Nicole Arbour a popular YouTuber from Canada is today's Donkey Of The Day. Nicole Arbour obviously isn't a rapper and she did probably the worse parody/remix of a song that I have ever heard in my life.
The Breakfast Club #Change4Change
The Breakfast Club’s on-air personalities DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God will host the #Change4Change radiothon and encourage listeners to donate in support ofThe Gathering for Justice
The Breakfast Club
Stephon Paddock is said to be responsible for the biggest mass murder in recent history with 58 people dead and over 500 people injured.
5 Things We Learned From Cardi B
Cardi is no stranger to the Breakfast Club's hot seat. Cardi B stopped by the Breakfast Club to talk about her BET nomination, Nicki Minaj Offset and keeping it hood. Here are 5 things we learned from Cardi's appearance.
Tell Em Why Your Mad Or Blessed [VIDEO]
The Breakfast Club lets you vent every morning during the 6 o clock hour.   You can either tell us why your mad or why you are blessed.  There were some epic stories this morning  on Tell Em Why You Mad

One woman called in to tell the story of how her boyfriend broke up with her and mo…
Donkey Of The Day : Listener's Choice
Donkey Of The Day is a listeners choice, so listeners called up and decided who the actual Donkey was. Here is what happened a plus sized model was on a flight and the man next to her was body shaming her via text. He was sending a text to his friends and she looked at his phone without his permissi…
TLC Stops By The Breakfast Club [VIDEO]
The Legendary R&B group TLC stopped by The Breakfast Club.  The group talked about their new album which was crowd funded.  T-Boz and Chilli discussed the difference between crowdfunding an album and being signed to a major record label.  ...

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