What would you do if you wanted a divorce and your husband kept dodging you in order not to sign the papers? This woman is being faced with that exact dilemma in this episode of Ask Yee. Her abusive husband is refusing to give her a divorce and she cannot afford a lawyer. She wants to start working but can't because she has no money and no one to watch her kids.

Imagine going to your new employer telling them this situation and thinking for one second that they won't find a way to get rid of you and just hire someone else. If you have issues with children and daycare that means you're going to always have issues with children in daycare. who suggests that?! If she has a job offer, there should be a way to get emergency aid. Most of the time you have to wait to get an interview for emergency aid.

Also if this husband has just packed up and left she should be able to file for a divorce since he's missing in action.

Take A Listen, but what would you do in this situation.

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