Co-owner of The Philadelphia 76ers Michael Rubin pulled up to The Breakfast Club this morning

Speaking about how he started out and eventually became a Billionaire, Rubin said when he was 8 years old he has 3 different business such a shoveling snow. At the age of 14 he opened up his first ski shop also revealing at the age of 13 he made twenty five thousand dollars fixing up ski's in his parents basement. Eventually it all backfired on him and found himself in debt, but after agreeing he would go to college his father bailed him out. All of this led him to become one of the biggest footwear sellers in the world.

Rubin has also been a big part of the work Meek Mill has been doing for criminal justice reform and even had a part in helping him fight his ongoing case. The two originally met at a past NBA All Star game. After they got to know each other Meek would come to the games more often, Rubin also called Meek one of his closest friends.

When the Philly rapper was going through his case Rubin wrote a letter detailing his friendship with Meek in hopes of creating some change and swaying the judges opinion in his case. Going to his probation hearing and being there when Meek got sentenced Rubin said: "I literally look at Meek and he always wants to be Mr tough guy, and his eyes turn pink, I cant remember the last time something made me tear up and I looked at him and said I will not stop until you're out of prison and she is off the bench".

Watch Michael Rubin's full Interview on The Breakfast Club below:

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