Comedian DL Hughley stopped by The Breakfast Club to weigh in on political and racial equality issues and much more.

-Thinks it's strange that Comedians have to ask permission to have a thought nowadays

-Thoughts on Cavanaugh vs Bill Cosby

-His problem with #MeToo movement

-His thoughts on comedians beefing

-Bernie Mac

-His relationship with TK Kirkland

-His problem with Kanye West

-Trump is clear in his message

-The Blackface controversy & Megan Kelly

-Nike and how they need Black people

-How badly Black people need to feel good

-Products he doesn't use or support because of what companies represent

-Stacy Abrams, Gillum and why folks should vote

-Most educated segment of American population is Black Women

-Problem in our community is Black women and men and not equal

-Men should protect and provide

-His thoughts on daughters and his relationship with his

Watch the full interview below:

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