Internet and West Coast rap sensation Blueface pulled up to The Breakfast Club this morning to talk about his hit song "Thotiana", how he first got his start in rapping and why he raps off beat.

Speaking on how he got into the rap game he said that it wasn't something he was planning on getting into but it kind of happened on accident and from then on the young rapper decided to hop in the booth! The unique way in which Blueface would promote his music is by driving around Los Angeles high schools and rap on top of cars. The reason he chose to drive around to High school'is because he already had a small fanbase and wanted to interact with them and let them see his face.

Blueface also spoke about his hit song "Thotiana" which recently just got a remix with fellow West Coast Rapper YG. Although he has a West coast sound the Rapper

Check out Blueface's Full Interview with The Breakfast Club above

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