An 8 year old girl was selling water on her doorstep to raise money to go to Disney World. While she was minding her own business, Alison Ettel called the police on the girl for selling water with out a permit.

Her validation, for calling the police is because she was making to much noise soliciting. She then went on to cry during an interview to make her self seem like the victim. Charlamagne proceeds to point out that minding your business cost nothing.

What a sad reality. Reporting a child for selling WATER. You should be encouraging children to do that. Or teach the child a lesson in the process, buy 3 bottles of water or however she was serving it and tell her to give those 3 bottles of water to 3 other children for free. Well done to the child. I remember being that young and rattling my brain trying to think of ways to make a buck.

Allison Ettel aka Permit Patty deserves every bit of Donkey Of the Day. Check out the run down below.

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