Celebrity and Chief Donald Trump is the Donkey of the Day again. I swear Donald Trump has to hold the record for being Donkey of the Day the most. It seems like he is living up to the name of a Donkey. Donald Trump is the Donkey of the Day because he is opposing much-needed funding for mail-in voting.

Charlamagne the God calls out Donald Trump for using the budget for the post office to leverage him winning another election. Over the weekend mailboxes have been removed and some places even put locks on mailboxes. I have never seen a politician sacrifice the entire postal service because the President is scared that people will vote him out via mail.

Charlamagne explains why people should be outraged about this simple way of cheating in a democratic election. People should be enraged about this the same way people are outraged about small things on a regular basis.

It seems as if America is majored in the minor. People get upset about the latest internet controversy but it seems like major things like this get pushed under the bus. Donald Trump is attempting to kill democracy by killing the postal budget. This seems like a blatant attempt to cheat the vote and make people have to go to the polls.

A lot of people will skip out on the elections his year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and by disabling mail-in voting will surely make thousands of people not even bothering to vote at all. USPS has a system set up to send an open letter to US Congress by texting USPS to 50409, this will allow you to send an open letter that will be forwarded to Senators across the United States.

This is a fight for democracy and I hope it encourages people to get out in vote unfortunately this is more proof of how corrupt the system is. Will this latest move discourage you from voting this fall?

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