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Positive Influence
Congratulation to Jeezy. Jeezy performed a celebration show for his album "TM101" a.k.a. "Thug Motivation 101," at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, GA.
Jam Master Jay’s Adidas Tribute!
We all know Run DMC. But how many of you know about Jam Master Jay. Jay was Run DMC's DJ. Better known as Jason William Mizell, Jay passed away on October 30,2002 by a gunshot while he was in the studio. It has been 10 years and more that he has been deceased...
The Digable Planets Are REUNITED
Ladybug Mecca, Butterfly and Doodlebug are coming back together again. These 3 talented individuals dropped a # 4 hit song called "Nickel Bags (of funk)" in 1993. My next favorite song that they released was called "Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)"...
Spirit Airlines Kicked Off 7 Black Passengers
It was Monday November 2nd that Spirit Airlines was about to take off from Los Angeles Dallas-Fort Worth International until the Caucasian attendant stopped two African Americans from conversing with each other. Supposedly, there are no real legit explanations of why they were being escorted off the…
What Is The Difference Between Young Thug And Prince?
What is really the difference between Prince and Young Thug? Prince wore women's clothing just like Young Thug. Back then, the ladies still loved him and there was not so much talk and shame on Prince. Even then, that was around the time that rock stars were wearing make up...
J.Cole Sends Out Knowledge To Fans
During J.Cole's concert, he stops and takes the time to send out a message to his fans about life, wants, and needs.
This is what this whole album is about and it's personal to me. When we're young and even when we're old, the world is constantly pumping us with images about what …
George Zimmerman At It Again
In 2012, George Zimmerman shot a young teenager named Trayvon Martin who was unarmed. He went to trial and then was acquitted for the charges. One of Zimmerman's followers re-tweeted the photo of Trayvon to George.
"Z-Man is a one man army." Zi...
Justin Bieber Is Accused Of Drugging A Teenager In Australia
It was said that the teenager model ,Bailey Scarlett, was invited to the studio in Melbourne, Australia. Justin Bieber was present and It started off with Bailey pouring herself a drink of Vodka mixed with lemonade.
She then said she walked over to converse with the other women who were also in the s…
Young Thug Admits To 90% Of His Closet Being Women Clothes
Young Thug
There has been conversations about the image of Young Thug. People seem to think that what he wears do not symbolize a man or men clothing. GQ releases that Young Thug sat down and admitted to him wearing women clothing. Young Thug, who is engaged to Jerrika, states
"Because women&…
Vedo Discusses New Single
Vedo Checks in with the Supreme Experience to talk about his new single Classic, the mixtape he is working on, being able to relate to women, and what he sees for the Future of R&B. Check out the interview with R&B singer Vedo.
If you missed the FREEMIX on Hot 991 heres a upload of todays mix take it with you where ever you go. The #FREEMIX on demand.
HOT 991 #FREEEMIX 07.24.15 by Dj Supreme on Mixcloud
1.Play No Games (Clean)byBig Sean ft. Chris Brown & Ty Dolla $ign
Download The #FREEMIX
Here is the recap of this weekends mixes we held it down for 99 Hours. You can download these and take them on the go over 6 hours of music.
Thanks to everyone who listened and sent in request this weekend. We are back in the #FREEMIX at 5 pm...
The Baltimore Uprising
The Baltimore Riots or Uprising depending on what you want to call it are the talk of the country. I've watched all the major channels CNN FOX NEWS MSNBC all report the story differently. It seems like media is heavily being criticized on how they reported the Baltimore Uprising...
Rico Love On The Supreme Experience
Rico Love checked In With DJ Supreme to talk about his new album dropping May 18th Walter Scott, The Current Status Of Hip Hop and Parenthood. Check out the interview and his new single Somebody Else.
Download Or Delete
Thou Shalt Not be Ratchet ! New music from Tink called Ratchet Commandments. Ladies feel free to retweet and repost this. It seems like class is a thing of the past here is new music from Tink talking about the rachetness of the society we live in...
Woman Quits Job !
Saw this over at Barcroft Media Im not sure if this is a comedy skit or not but either way its funny.
Jessica Vanessa is a professional twerker who is making big bucks by shaking her booty. The 22-year-old social media superstar captivates audiences from around the world with her hypnotic assets...
Amazing Prosthetic Leg Dance Video
Check out this unbelievable video of a woman with a prosthetic leg with dance moves that most women would never be able to pull off. The engineering and design of prosthetic limbs has really advanced over the years. While the women will check out the video and be amazed at the dance moves most men w…
#TBT Interview w/ Sporty Thieves
Remember the movement the Sporty Thieves had going in the late 90's with No Pigeons, Cheapskate and What I look like ? Well they checked in with The Supreme Experience to let us know what they are up to now and their view on Hip Hop today. Check out the interview below :
Hot 99.1's Spring Season
This Wednesday Hot 991 welcomes two new shows to the Hot 991 Spring Line Up. Hot 991 Presents Adri V "The Go Getta" during your work days. Check her out with the motivational minute, Hot Mini Mix and The 411. Listen live starting Wednesday at 10a
Starting at 2p on Wednesday check ou…