Suge Knight

Katt Williams

Suge Knight and Katt Williams both pleaded guilty yesterday to a robbery charge that happened a while back. Suge Knight's face was already shown all around the world for acting reckless on the "Straight Outta Compton" set. He left a man dead and another injured. A couple days before the robbery, Suge was shot in Los Angeles.

Katt and Suge state that they stole the camera from the victim (Leslie Reddon) following a physical struggle because Knight didn’t want Reddon taking pictures of his son. Knight’s attorney, Thomas Mesereau, defended his client’s actions, saying they were that of a protective father, but the judge would have none of it. In fact, Knight’s attempts to get a happy birthday message to his son by holding up a sign to courtroom cameras was frowned upon by Judge Ronald Coen, and Coen threatened to shackle Knight’s hands should he try it again.

Knight still remains in jail with a $10 million bail opportunity hanging over his head.

I have no issue with Suge Knight being in jail for the hit and run he committed on the set of the "Compton" movie. I want justice to be served and he could have prevented anybody from dying if he would've stayed. Now, as for him going to court for stealing a camera from someone, I don't think that was necessary. If a parent doesn't want a random to take photos of Their child, then that is their right to say so. Leslie Reddon should have been charged with harassment. I also believe that the Judge should have saw through her intentions with the given evidence of what happened. I believe it is really harsh that Judge Ronald Coen would not allow Suge to hold the sign up for his son on his Birthday. He is in court for protected his sons privacy and he was not allowed to say Happy Birthday. I don't think that was fair at all. Do you?