Reverend Jesse Jackson praises the football team for The University of Missouri. Apparently there has been many cases where people are being racially discriminated. Instead of violently acting, they chose to take a much more peaceful act. War does not fix a problem. This is why Jackson appreciates them so much. He wrote an article for the "Chicago Sun Times"; saluted the football team. Threats for people of color were made on their campus and the president, Tim Wolfe, did nothing about it.

Black members of Mizzou’s “Tigers” football team announced they would not participate in team activities or games until University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe stepped down. The move was an act of support for campus activists calling for Wolfe’s resignation, arguing the administrator hadn’t adequately responded to incidents of racism on campus.


In the letter, Rev. Jackson points out many athletes who’ve contributed to the fight against social and racial injustice in their community. From Jim Brown to Billie Jean King, no matter the athlete’s race, each joined the fight to help the community.The University of Missouri Tigers turned their sports radar off and turned their eyes on their people—even including some of their Caucasian teammates and coaches—this made the world turn to the University of Missouri and help the fight.

It is extremely ridiculous that the PRESIDENT, the president of the college, just brushed his shoulders with this situation. I understand that only a certain percentage is dealing with racism nowadays. But that is a HUGE percentage. Times are changing and some people just have to be led the way. Keep up with the excellent work Mizzou's.