We all know there are quite a lot of females who want the hour glass, Pepsi and Cola body shape. Most of us are influenced by celebrities or even the old days where the higher people up the hierarchy used to wear corsets. Nowadays they call them waist trainers. Waist trainers look like they are perfectly fine. Back in the day, they did not have the technology or intelligence to reveal that waist trainers not only shape your waist but they mold your intestines, organs,etc.

Dr. Oz shares on fox 26 that he performed at cat-scan on a person wearing a waist trainer. He compares it to someone who has never worn a waist trainer.

On the left, it has tiny marks that resemble bites in the liver. On the right side, there are no such marks. What is being showed on the left, Dr.Oz says, is that the ribs are being squished into the liver creating bruises. He also states that the intestines are being pushed up and sometimes smashed down. Waist trainers are not safe in my eyes.

Another local plastic surgeon says that he does not believe that the waist trainer can trim your waist down to wear you want it.

The waist trainer will not permanently keep your body that shape. It will only get your waist down a couple inches bu even then that is not safe. I recommend that you go back to the old school remedies.  Those consist of exercising, eating right; basically keeping yourself healthy.

I don't think that anybody should use the waist trainer. The best way to get to where you want to be is to exercise and eat right. If you don't enjoy exercising, do something you do enjoy like dancing, running, rock climbing, swimming,etc. There are lost of way to exercise and shape your body. Don't be lazy. Get up and go get what you want. "Get Up And Get It" should be the motto. Who else agrees?