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An 18 year-old-man was shot in the face on Oct. 28. This tragic loss took place in Normandy, Missouri.


Amonderez Green was the teenager who allegedly shot himself in the face. It is said that Green's mother called the cops to get them to calm down her son because he had thoughts of committing suicide. A representative for the officers alleged that when they attempted to speak to Green, he reached into his waistband for a gun and began firing at them. This is when police allegedly deployed a taser, which had no effect, and began to return fire with their weapons. The report also cites that the gunshot wound to Green’s face was not from a police weapon, but rather his own, after he fled the scene.

As I said above, witnesses say that they saw otherwise. There are numerous videos online from the neighbors who were at the scene when the shooting took place.
One woman stated: “While he was running, he turned around to face the police and that’s when he got shot in the face. I saw his body drop. They shot him in the face, his whole right side of his face was gone, his top lip was gone.

Now get this, Normandy, Missouri is not that far from Ferguson and a great chunk of the world has not gotten passed Michael Brown (unarmed teenager) who's life was taken a year and a couple months ago by officer Darren Wilson who was never indicted.

Some of the vigilantes of that day said that some of the cops were wearing Ferguson uniforms. They also said that you can hear Amonderez yelling "please don't shoot me" and his mom also yelling" please don't shoot my son". Next thing you know a shot goes off. In the videos, you clearly hear him and his mom say those things.

I understand that there are a lot of people mad. Especially with the cultural differences going on in the past couple of centuries. I believe that a mental health or suicidal doctor should have assisted the officers who fled to the scene. I also believe that an 18 year old should not be playing or firing a gun in that manner or in that moment. If the cops did shoot that young man, it should have been in the leg to prevent and contain.