During J.Cole's concert, he stops and takes the time to send out a message to his fans about life, wants, and needs.

This is what this whole album is about and it's personal to me. When we're young and even when we're old, the world is constantly pumping us with images about what life should be like...constantly......In the states it's called the American Dream. But I know y'all got it and what does it always consist of? Money, a big house, a brand new car and a wife that's not even genetically possible to have. That's what they say we need to be happy. That is what they say is important,even though 99% of the world can't even have it.

Cole proceeds to talk about how he is similar to his fans. He too used to go out to concerts and be mesmerized with Celebrity lives.

I came here to tell ya, I was the same person who came out and said oh my god their lives are so perfect and said I'm gonna go get it. I'm gonna tell y'all, when you get it up close and personal, it doesn't feel right. I came to tell you all that all that was said is bull. That is not whats important and that is not what matters. How do I know that? I know that because right now, there is a man who has a million dollars; a billion dollars and he is miserable right. But you have a family, that came from where we came from or worse from where we came from who couldn't buy a ticket to this show. But yet they are still happier than that man standing with the money over there.

This is an amazing moral to send out to the kids, teens, young adults and even elders in this generation today. The magazine, news, TV shows and etc send wrong messages out to the viewers today. I salute J.Cole. We need more people with hearts out there today.