It was Monday November 2nd that Spirit Airlines was about to take off from Los Angeles Dallas-Fort Worth International until the Caucasian attendant stopped two African Americans from conversing with each other. Supposedly, there are no real legit explanations of why they were being escorted off the plane. Five other African Americans had the audacity to question the person in charge of the situation. In doing so they were also kicked of the plane.

Rob Pedregon from the LAX police force says the other five passengers were asked to leave for questioning the motive behind removing the couple in the first place. A passenger named Alexandria Wright stated that "It was more than just us having a conversation,” Wright told local Los Angeles station KCAL-TV. “Why is it that, what, six Black people get kicked off the plane?”

I think it is ridiculous that Spirit Airlines still has yet to comment on this,what seems to be, cultural issue. If there was no malicious intent, a comment to the public would be in the right mind. It is a little suspicious that haven't yet being what is currently going on in the world.