Anyone who’s ever seen the movie ‘When Harry Met Sally…’ knows women can do a fine job of faking orgasms. But what about guys? According to a new survey, more than a third of men say they’ve faked it at least once themselves. Whether or not you believe that, of course, is up to you (hint: we don’t).

A recent survey of dudes from the US, UK, Canada and Australia also revealed that while 36 percent value loyalty above all other qualities in a mate, they might be a little unclear on the concept — because more than half of guys would dump their girlfriends if the ladies got fat.

But as piggish as that makes men sound, three-quarters of the international survey respondents said they were unlikely to cheat on their partner, even if there was no chance she’d ever find out, and 70 percent of men believe in the institution of marriage enough to want to try it themselves.

Some other random findings: most guys believe aliens exist, about three-quarters think they could beat Mitt Romney in a spelling bee, and the vast majority of dudes have now heard more than they ever care to about both Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber (on that, we can all agree).

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