He victimized young children for decades, and now his victims are worried that he may be released.

According to News 10, Louis VanWie is 79-years old now and he is scheduled for a parole hearing next week. His victims are very clear, they are afraid that he will victimize more children if he is released from prison.

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During his trial in 1999, Louis VanWie admitted that he molested more than 100 children. He is now 79-years old and his eighth parole hearing is scheduled for next week. His victims believe that he will molest more children if he is released from prison, even though he is now an elderly man.

One victim, Gary Greenberg, says that his abuse occurred in 1966 when he was still a very young child. He said that Mr. Van threatened to throw him down an elevator shaft if he did not allow VanWie to touch him inappropriately.

Another victim, Kayla Wittmann, was only six years old when VanWie befriended her family. She says that VanWie visited her family frequently and he would molest her during those visits.

Kayla was the victim who came forward and told her family about the abuse that led to VanWie’s guilty plea in 1999. She has been speaking up at each of Mr. VanWie’s parole hearing, and she is speaking out at this one. She said, “I am hoping that they realize his history and the things that he’s admitted to and take that into consideration, and hopefully, keep them behind bars where he’s supposed to be.”

The parole board has turned Mr. VanWies down seven times in the past, and his victims are hoping that his request will be denied this time. The parole hearing is scheduled for next week and the parole board usually makes their decisions within two weeks of the hearing. We will just have to wait and see what the board decides.

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