OK wait hold up let me explain my side of the story......


It started off as a regular day. My sister called me and told me she needed me to help her do a couple things and asked if I could watch my niece for a minute. So boom, I jump up and threw something on real quick. Fifteen minutes later my sister's outside beeping the horn mad loud, like I don't live in the suburbs and shit where they will call the cops anyways. I'm ready so I run down and get in the car. It's kinda a nice day out so you know we got the windows down cruising.

As we driving down the street a bee flew in the car. Anybody who know me knows I don't play wit bees and today I wasn't with the shits either. My sister start screaming and yelling, swerving the car and shit and I'm like "pull over the bee still in the car". We all hop out and the bee hopped out as well. Why? The bee decided to chase me out of all people. I'm still trying figure that out to this day.

So I'm swinging and trying hit the bee because he on my ass, and I can hear my niece in the back round yelling "Auntie Tay Tay be careful you got this." Meaanwhile, my sister on the phone in the back just left me out here hanging by myself like we couldn't have just jumped this bee and been done wit it. But nope, she wasn't tryna help at all. So I'm like "F this" and I decided to square up with the bee, that's the picture that was taken up above you probably cant see the bee because by that time he probably flew off but I'm almost sure I knocked him out. So yeah that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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