Should Columbus still be celebrated? This is a big question going on all over the country with states such as Texas, California, and many others currently discussing the options they have when replacing the Columbus Day holiday with a holiday to celebrate the native people and cultures that were already here.

Michael Springer, Getty Images
Michael Springer, Getty Images

On Monday, New York Assemblyman Charles Barron will hold a press conference at the base of the Columbus statue in Columbus Circle to introduce a bill to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day.

Barron says that Christopher Columbus should not be celebrated.

“Columbus was a racist, he was a slaveholder, he was a colonist, a murderer of indigenous people and he never stepped foot in America, according to many historians, so he never discovered America. And if he did, you can’t discover a place where people already exist.” Barron told 1010 WINS. “Murder is not a character flaw, colonization is not a character flaw, enslaving other human beings is not a character flaw. Those are crimes against humanity, and that should not be glorified by way of a special day.”

Everything the congressmen said makes sense and is rooted in facts. Should NY make the switch from Columbus Day To Indigenous People's Day? Most people don't care whose day it is, they only care about a day off.

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