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Over the weekend everyone made there way to the CIAA in Charlotte, North Carolina. Although it stands for  Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association and it's meant for a basketball tournament many people go for the parties alone. One party that had rappers T.I, Jezzy and Yo Gotti as host ended in shooting. The day party was set to end at 8PM but ended early due to the shooting at about 7PM. Cops were called immediately to the scene right after.


The Rumors are Real!  Ludacris and his new wife Eudoxie announce they're expecting their first child together. Eudoxie and Ludacris took to social media to prove to all that the rumors are indeed true. The shared the great news via instagram with a cute picture they took wile on vacation. Congrats to the newly weds!

In other social media announcements Kanye West took to twitter and shared the artwork of his upcoming album and the name of it "So Help Me God".


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