We’re constantly updating our vocabulary thanks to the hip hop songs and artists we all know and love. Terms like “ice”, “daps”, “whack” (to name a few) have become common in conversation with the young and old. But, to be honest, some of these terms are so played out they make me want to punch people.

Here are the top 5 hip hop slang terms that drive me nuts.

Do I use "swag"?  Guilty as charged!  I'm as annoyed with myself as much as anyone else who uses it.  It's a blast to say, but extremely irritating to hear from someone else.  It was fresh in the beginning but "swag" is definitely starting to get played out.

When your grandparents start using it, you should probably stop.  99 out of 100 people on the street will know what you're referring to when you say "bling".  Do most of us still use it?  Yes.  Is it still cool?  No.

Stop.  Seriously.  Stop using "jelly".  You sound like you're in middle school when you say it and it makes me hungry when I hear it. #fatboyproblems

"Bet" has some legs left.  Believe it or not, a lot of people still have no idea what it means which makes it more fun.  The confused faces you get when using the word is very entertaining.  I'm planning ahead with this one.  Feel free to use it, but let's retire "bet" in a year or two.

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate Drake.  The rising popularity of this word is not one of them.  Somebody, anybody, please bury this term 6 feet under and fill the hole with cement.