Up-and-coming rhymer MoRuf (aka "Moo") has been making some noise with his guest appearances on songs by indie artists Jesse Boykins III, Chris Turner, Black Spade, among others. The New Jersey-born rapper of Nigerian descent makes his solo debut with his new single, 'Homie.Lover.Friend.'

Produced by THC and JBIII, the song features a smooth piano and drum driven groove with fluttering electric guitars. On it, MoRuf recalls a heartbreaking story of falling for a friend but soon realizes that he was nothing but her jump off.

"The vibe was cool, you knew it when our eyes meet / It f-ed me that I ain't nothing but your side piece / You’re forcing me to stay because you peepin' that I'm leaving / It hurt my heart to see that I ain't nothing but your season," he raps.
JBIII sings the chorus and at the end flips Usher’s hook from his 2001 ballad, ’U Remind Me.'

"You remind me of a girl that I once love / You remind me of a girl that I used to trust / You remind me of a girl that I once knew," he croons.

'Homie.Lover.Friend' is the kick off single to #Moovember, a weekly countdown series until the release of MoRuf’s upcoming opus, 'Shades.Of.Moo,' which is due out Nov. 12.

If you want to hear more music from MoRuf, check out his concert performance at Live at the Loft. Click here to watch.

Listen to Moruf's Song 'Homie.Lover.Friend' Feat. Jesse Boykins III