Aren't interested in getting your family started yet?Or no longer wanting to grow your family?Its about to get easier for men to have a more effective one a day and CONTROL of their own bodies.Imagine that.

Men who have fewer options for birth control and have for some little control over their own reproductive health.They can get  Vasectomy which is permanent. Condoms can be 98 percent effective at preventing pregnancy, but they’re often used incorrectly.

Tim Matsui, Getty Images
Tim Matsui, Getty Images

There have been trials in other countries such as Germany and India.Those involve a sperm blocker which is reversible.And a device that turns their sperm on and off automatically but has to get implanted behind their testicles,Ouch! And we thought a pap smear was uncomfortable!

Thanks to new technology and persistent researchers at the University of Minnesota men will be able to take a birth control pill.Well not today or tomorrow but soon,

Researchers haven't worked out all the kinks just yet.They are still formulating different approaches that would put it in on the fast track to innovating contraceptive for men.

This makes me happy fair is fair,right?Plus ladies you don't want anything sharp near your, I mean his jewels.Ladies and fellas how do you feel about double protection?Men is this realistic would you remember to take your one a day to keep them babies

Let me know your thoughts @radiogodess

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