This has been a week full of tragedy, horror, unanswered questions and worries for many of us in the USA as a result of the twin explosions at the Boston Marathon. When tragedy strikes, how do you handle it? Do you complain less? Change your way of living? Hug your friends and family more? Take more chances? 

I have always been a firm believer in the motto "work hard, play hard" long before it became a Wiz Khalifa hit! I also have always had the "live life to it's fullest" attitude and believe that life indeed is short, so live it up. YOLO-amen Drake!!!  You can catch me preaching stuff like this on my show sometimes, and I don't mean to lecture nor sound like a mom but it is the truth.

After tragic events like 9/11, the Newtown shootings, and now the Boston twin bombings, we are constantly reminded that life is short, and it's time to stop complaining about the little things and be more thankful and unselfish. Right?

It is also time for us to dream bigger, take more chances, and never say never. If you have always wanted to go sky diving do it!! If you have always wanted to belt out Beyonce's "Baby Boy" karaoke style but didn't have the guts to, do it! Hell, if your dream is to make Halle Berry fall in love with you and leave her baby daddy, do it!! But, um good luck with that one, and watch out for his left hook!

In all seriousness, how you handle tragic events is obviously up to you of course and we all  mentally go through it differently. But at the end of the day, I believe that we all become more humble and thankful for our family, friends, and all that surrounds us. And if not , we should.