Tragedy struck on Thursday night when a young lady was struck and killed shortly after leaving her job on Central Avenue in Colonie.

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Albany resident San-ya Blaylock was leaving her job on Central Avenue on Thursday night when she was struck and killed by an oncoming vehicle.  Nobody knows why the 16-year old girl did not use the crosswalk when crossing the street on her way to the bus stop, but law enforcement officials speculate that the rainy weather may have been a factor.

20-year Kyle Gara of Colonie was driving westbound on Central Avenue when he struck the girl.  

Mr. Gara is a volunteer firefighter, so he immediately began to perform CPR on Ms. Blaylock.  Another firefighter was in the vicinity and he also attempted to save Ms. Blaylock‘s life.  Unfortunately, Ms. Blaylock succumbed to her injuries.

Police officers are still investigating the accident and Mr. Gara is cooperating with the police.  Lt. Donnelly of the Colonie Police Department recently spoke about the accident.  He said, “ He could see traffic approaching from behind him, so he pulled the girl over to the curb, and realized she was in distress and began to do CPR right away.“

Lt. Donnelly says that his department frequently receives complaints about that stretch of the roadway.  Central Avenue is a five lane highway which makes it dangerous for pedestrians who try to cross the street without using the crosswalk.

The Colonie Police Department is asking anyone who may have witnessed the accident to call them at 518-782-2620.  We send our condolences to Ms. Blaylock’s family and friends.

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