Arrest Made In Child Drive By Shooting
On the evening of September 13th 11-year old Ayshawn Davis died after he was hit by gunfire in a drive-by shooting in Troy. A car drove by and someone shot Ayshawn as he was standing with a group of people on Old Sixth Avenue.
8 Year Old Killed
Sheriff, Craig D. Apple Sr. responded to the call and discovered that an 8-year-old boy was riding on an ATV when the accident occurred
Vanessa Bryant Speaks
This is no easy task for anyone who has just experienced the joint death of two family members.
I expect anyone to take their time when it comes to things like this, none of us can say what we would do or how we would even grieve if we lost our spouse and child at the same time so suddenly and so soo…
Life is short : Handling Tragedy
This has been a week full of tragedy, horror, unanswered questions and worries for many of us in the USA as a result of the twin explosions at the Boston Marathon. When tragedy strikes, how do you handle it? Do you complain less? Change your way of living? Hug your friends and family more?…