The violent streak continues in the city of Albany, as 4 people were shot over the weekend bringing the count up to 13. According to Times Union.

City officials and anti-violence organizations on Sunday begged city residents to help them stop the recent outburst of violence in the city.

Four people were shot in the early morning hours on Sunday, bringing the total number of shootings to 13 since Tuesday, July 3.

At a rally held in the Arbor Hill neighborhood Sunday afternoon, Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan grew visibly emotional as she asked for the community to help stop the violence.

What is the cause of all of this violence is this retaliation for the original shooting?

Albany police said three men were shot at Third Street and North Swan Street around 1 a.m. Sunday. All three have non-life threatening injuries.


Why does the summer cause people to get violent? If you have any information on any of these violent attacks you should contact law enforcement. If you're living in Albany, have you felt less safe over the last few weeks? Are these isolated incidents that aren't affecting day-to-day life or if the feeling that this could affect anyone?

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