Grand opening, grand closing. Well, not exactly.

Days after signing New York Yankee Robinson Cano and Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz to his Roc Nation Sports venture, Yahoo! Sports reports Brooklyn Nets part-owner Jay-Z -- he owns less than one percent -- is in the process of selling his share of the team to jump into the NBA.

In what might be a surprise for most to see Marcy's own leave the Nets as one of the most recognized faces of ownership and arguably the main catalyst for the team relocating to Brooklyn, Jay is on to bigger moves. With NBA rules stipulating that owners can't be agents, Jay is divesting his share of the team to become an agent in the league.

With LeBron James becoming a free agent next summer, expect Jigga to try to broker a deal to bring LeBron over to Roc Nation Sports and help King James land his next NBA contract next summer. Jay's "I'm not a business man, I'm a business man" mantra remains true.

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