Craigs Crap! Check out may daily deals on-air weekdays at 5:10pm on HOT 99.1. Here are the items I covered this week:

Monday 4/23

Chickens! Not Purdue or Kentucky Fried… Flappin’ their feathers, living in a pen, I’ll peck your damn eyes out, chickens. The Cambridge seller is offering the beasts for $3. That’s right, $3 for a new pet or future feast, it’s up to you.

Tuesday 4/24

Believe it or not, this has nothing to do with Monday’s post. A seller out of Troy is offering bags of chicken poop compost for your garden. Remind me not to eat your tomatoes.

Wednesday 4/25

Some weirdo out of Schenectady is selling Hazmat Suits for $7 a piece. I’m not sure what kind of “Breaking Bad” type seller this dude is but there’s a strong chance you won’t make it home once you go to buy one.

Thursday 4/26

With items like this on Craigslist it’s a shock that super markets are still in business. A seller out of Troy is looking to unload 16.9 ounce men or ladies body washes at $2 each or 3 for $5. The item isn’t as intriguing as the seller, though. They claim to have over 60 bottles of the stuff. What kind of weirdo has 60 bottles of body wash? My guess is a hoarder, extreme couponer or doomsday prepper.

Friday 4/27

You know those infomercials selling limited edition coins for whatever? The only thing worse are the infomercials selling limited edition PLATES. I guess people really do buy these things. A seller out of Mayfield is selling Barack Obama Collectable Plates for $7 a piece. What’s next, the slap cop, sham-wow, oxy-clean? Hopefully they’ll put a shake weight up for sale soon.