Each weekday I talk about a random item being sold on Facebook, most of which are usually weird, gross or just plain stupid. Each item I talk about is on-sale for less than $9.91.


Today’s item is coming from a seller in Rotterdam. They’re looking to sell a copy of Barney’s Great Adventure on VHS for $2. The listing describes the item as “great condition, comes in original package, nothing is wrong with this”. I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it. It’s a VHS! The person selling this tape is either stuck in the 90’s or a time traveler.


Today we’re looking at vintage adult magazines! Va va voom… A Glens Falls native is selling each mag for $3 a piece – he has playboys from the sixties, seventies and some penthouse mags from the 80s. The seller will only deal if you pay cash and pick up in person. “Yeah I’m here for your dusty porn… Why are these pages so sticky? Ya know what, nevermind. Keep em’.”


Today, a man in Albany is looking to sell “Gay Porn DVDs” for $6 a piece. He claims to have more than 1,000 different movies to choose from including Out In The Workshop and Slick Dogs. The synopsis for Slick Dogs reads – “Watch as a group of sexy men unleash their inner animals, sliding their massive muscles into latex as they bark for their big bones.” I think I’ve seen this one on Animal Planet?


12 BLANK cassette tapes. Remember these things? They play music. They were pretty popular before compact disks. There’s not a whole lot you could do with these things except maybe record a song off the radio from your favorite station (wink, wink). Or, you could always use them as projectiles to throw at people who suck.


Today’s item comes from Rotterdam. You can buy a brand new tiara! Mommy, I wanna be a princess. If interested you can purchase the head-piece along with the seller’s lice for only 8 bucks.

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