I can’t believe it’s officially been spring for over a month. Some days seem about right, others feel like snow could fall any minute. It’s the back and forth weather that irritates me most about this time of year, and with the season yet to be in full gear, more spring pet peeves are about to become more relevant in the coming weeks.

Here are some more things that suck about spring:

• That damn groundhog. His 6 week predictions feel like 6 months.

• There’s something about spring-time rain that seems more vicious. Almost like each individual rain drop falls in a specific flight to screw up your day.

• Dog poop that wasn’t cleaned up during winter. The snow melts but the turds stick around… and now, they’re rock hard.

• Mowing the lawn. If you know someone who genuinely enjoys mowing their lawn it’s because they hate their family. They just want to be out of the house for a couple hours.

• Allergies. ‘Nuff said.

• Spring cleaning. Again, ‘nuff said.

• Putting on your summer clothes from last year, realizing how much winter weight your put on. Draw string pants are not sexy in May.

• Spring wind. I don’t know why it blows so hard or so often, but please Mr. Wind, stop making hot chicks’ hair-do’s look like birds nests.

• Bees. I don’t like honey, so you serve no purpose but to hurt me. Buzz off.

You know what IS worth looking forward to every spring?  Tulip Fest, of course!  It's coming up - may 12th and 13th at Albany's Washington Park with HOT 99.1!

Feel free to leave a comment sharing some of your spring-time pet peeves!