Wonder of The Day: Jumpin Jacks & Your Memories
Spring is here, yes it is! Don't feel like it, but, for many of us in the Cap Region - we now know it is really here BECAUSE......Jumpin Jacks opens for business TODAY! The question is, will you be venturing into the chill to grab yourself a fish fry today?
Wonder of The Day: Potholes & De La Soul
Happy Tuesday y'all! Only a few more days left until Spring!! Unfortunately, in the meantime we have been dodging big, gigantic potholes all over the Cap Region. I am wondering, when, just when, will they get patched up?
Wonder of The Day: Spring & Biz Markie[VIDEO]
My brain is back at it again!! The wheels are turning and I am wondering again! We are only a couple days away from the 1st day of Spring!! And I am wondering, if we will be able to celebrate once it hits!
The Big Spring Fling Party!
There are a lot of great things that come with the season – tree leaves, grass, flowers blooming and, of course, the weather! It doesn’t exactly feel like spring, but it’s coming! The un-official launch of the season happens Friday May 18th at Mallozzi&CloseCurl…
Has It Really Been Spring For Over A Month?
I can’t believe it’s officially been spring for over a month. Some days seem about right, others feel like snow could fall any minute. It’s the back and forth weather that irritates me most about this time of year, and with the season yet to be in full…