Spring is here, yes it is! Don't feel like it, but, for many of us in the Cap Region - we now know it is really here BECAUSE......Jumpin Jacks opens for business TODAY! The question is, will you be venturing into the chill to grab yourself a fish fry today?

Spring is really in the air now!
Courtesy of:http://jumpinjacksdriveininc.com/dropnewphotos.html

Jumpin Jacks officially opens at 11am today! Hooray!! Going to Jumpin Jacks Drive In in Scotia was a family tradition for me and many others! Growing up in Schenectady, I could not wait to get in the car with my mom & dad, ride by the big old GE light, then by SCCC and then cross that bridge to get me some Jumpin Jacks food and most importantly ice cream!

Then we would wander on over to the park and I'd get my slide and jungle gym time in. Of course, all my fellow Schenectadians know, we didn't always venture to Albany to watch the 4th of July fireworks. NOPE, we would stay right in our backyard per say, and watch the annual Jumpin Jacks fireworks show, which still goes down after 62 years. Yes, 62 years Jumpin Jacks has been going strong!

Will you be grabbing a burger and eating it in this 40 degree weather today? What are your favorite memories of Jumpin Jacks? I wanna know! I think of nothing but good times, hope you do too! Share your photos with us!

Lil me and my Wonder dad, Jumpin Jacks bound!