You're sitting in the stands at a Major League Baseball ballpark, with your beer in one hand, and your hot dog in the other hand. 

You could be having the worst day at work today, but if you've been in that scenario before, even thinking about it should make your day better. There are few fan experiences more pure than having a beer and a hot dog at the ballpark.

Heck, you don't even have to like hot dogs, or drink beer, to know how great that combination is at a baseball game.

That all being said, after watching what one New York Yankee fan decided to do with those two concession stand items last night, I may never look at ballgame beers and hot dogs the same way again.

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Viral Video Shows New York Yankees' Fan's Bizarre Hot Dog Concoction

A video began going viral during last night's Subway Series match-up between the New York Yankees and Mets. Strangely enough, the video had nothing to do with the game happening on the field, but rather, it featured something odd happening in the stands.

The video, shot from the what appears to be the third base seats while the Yankees are in the field, shows a fan holding a hot dog in one hand, and a beer in the other. Seems pretty harmless, right?

But, then you notice that the fan is attempting to manipulate the tip of the hot dog, with the tip of a straw. Then, reality begins to set in, and you realize exactly what you're about to see:

Now, do you understand when I say I may never look at beer and hot dogs the same way again?

Is this a crime? No, of course not. What a person chooses to do with their gameday snacks is largely their business. To each their own, as the saying goes. That being said, if watching this video doesn't turn your stomach at least a little bit, then I have to question your sanity at this time.

Here's what some other rational human beings had to say about this video:

Granted, maybe what we're seeing isn't actually that bad:

The Yankees finish their series against the Mets, and their nine-game homestand, tonight. Hopefully, fans will feel compelled to get creative with sausage-and-peppers, cheesesteaks, chicken sandwiches or something else on the menu at the stadium.

We'll keep you posted either way.

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