Happy Tuesday y'all! Only a few more days left until Spring!! Unfortunately, in the meantime we have been dodging big, gigantic potholes all over the Cap Region. I am wondering, when, just when, will they get patched up?

(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Have you rolled over any of these giant craters? They are beyond huge this year! And I know of a few people who have suffered flat tires because of these damn things! I am hoping this don't happen to me! I don't have the money and I AINT GOT TIME FOR THAT!!

I do have good news though..... last night, I caught a crew of hard working City of Albany boys patching up Colvin Avenue. Several of us were cheering them on!! (Colvin had a ton of potholes!) I told them I would shout them out and show them some love today! Not sure if they believed me, but here you go boys!! Thank you for curing my wondering mind and giving me some hope, that soon we will all be able to drive again without dodging these tire traps!!

Our heroes!! City of Albany fellas patching up those nasty potholes!

Oh, and or course you know I have had "Potholes in My Lawn" stuck in my head ever since I saw these fellas last night! An old De La Soul track, check it out!  3 Feet High & Rising was my first CD of 2 when mom dukes bought me my 1st cd player at Jamesway, she let me choose 2 CDs....The other was Bobby Brown....Hip Hop and R&B baby!