My brain is back at it again!! The wheels are turning and I am wondering again! We are only a couple days away from the 1st day of Spring!! And I am wondering, if we will be able to celebrate once it hits!

(Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images)

Spring may not feel like it is in the air but it definitely is in my brain! Spring fever baby! I got it and I am sure you do too! I am counting down the days until I don't have to bitch about how cold I am. I am counting down the days to sunshine and happy days. I am counting down the days until we can go outside and not see one speck of white stuff on the ground!

I am getting anxious writing about this and just wonder, will it really happen Mother Nature? Will you really give us the season we have been so deserving of PLEASE?? I got Biz Markie's "It's Spring Again" embedded in my brain every morning when I wake up and I am so ready to start singing it at the top of my lungs on Thursday! You feel me on this?

You know I gotta bring it back now and share this classic with you....2 more days to go and Spring is here! And it better stay that way!