After Beyonce and Jay Z's 'Drunk in Love' performance at the 2014 Grammy Awards, the song has received massive attention -- both good and bad. Now Auto-Tune crooner Future adds his take on the track with a new remix.

The southern rhymer promises not to "judge" and is excited about the "comfort level" of a lady that's not his -- she's trying to creep. As a result, he's ready to get tipsy for the night. "I'm pouring that drink on top of you / Then I'ma sip it all off of you / Sip, sip sip, sip," he delivers.

Future continues on with the X-rated details. This is one song that's not meant for the kiddies.

Before the track comes to an end, he shouts out his sophomore LP, 'Honest.' The project has yet to receive a release date, but not for long. Future announced that both the cover art and a date for the album will be unveiled next week.

Listen to Future's 'Drunk in Love' Remix