I think that is very sad that record labels take advantage of a young artist for a moment profit.

Tekashi69 re-signed with his former record label 10K Projects, according to Rolling Stone. Allegedly the deal is for more than $10 million with the agreement of two albums in English and Spanish.

According to obtained court documents from XXL, 6ix9ine's prison sentence has been pushed up from January 2020 to Dec. 18 per request from his legal team. They're also requesting time served. After corroborating with the feds and helping take down the violent street gang Nine-Trey Bloods. Successfully helping put behind bars people like; Mel Murder, Shotti (Ex-manager), Harv, Nuke, and Kooda B, who law enforcements seen as a threat to the community. I believe the Judge will approve his team request and 6ix9ine will be let out early. With his old record label coming back re-signing him before release and the reduce of his co-defendant "Ro Murder" sentence from 90 months to 66 months, who left the Nine-Trey gang and in retaliation was stabbed and beat up in the MDC, reported from Inner City Press 

Tekashi69 is looking to return to music and believes that he will be more popular than before going to prison. He also denied witness protection, but will be receiving security. Ihope its 24-hours for him and his family. Many people believe that the rapper won't be able to afford 24-hour security, I do agree with DJ Akademik in his Youtube video [2:25 - 2:53], if his record label is investing $10 million dollars before his release, they believe there's a bigger profit that can be flipped 10x over. Unfortunately records seek to profit on this young artist dangerous controversy, unhealthy mental states, and poverty. Record labels sign these young men, most have no idea about the industry business, alot come from poor families and looking for away out. They wave these big numbers in their faces, more money they would see in a life time, sell them a dreams and watch behind the scenes as these young men destroy and risk their lives all for entertainment.

I do believe that Tekashi69's music will still be popular within his age diagrammatic. His fans are primarily suburbs children that live vicariously through his music and do not understand "street code." Upon first day of arrest many fans believed that the "Gummo" rapper was doing the right thing by snitching on his peers due to rumors of other members having relation with his child's mother, threatening his mother, and kidnapping him for money.

Although he helped with the arrest of many gang members, I believe there are many more waiting to see his next move. Record label can provide all the security they want but at the end of the day is up to the venue if they will want that artist to perform or not. Early in his career Tekashi69 was no stranger of being denied entry into many venues due to the conservancy and violence around him. Now that the very same people that held the controversy and violence is now against him, I believe many venues fair for the safety of fan's and the city. Many parents would be worried about their children safety at his concerts. According to TMZ, they spoke to a few radio station that say, they will not play his music. 6ix9ine will do well at streaming but it will be hard to get him to preform at big venues. In my opinion

When 6ix9ine returns back into music he will be popular but his popularity will be short lived. The record label will juice him out of his talent and money and as soon as there's no more left to be made—he will be dropped. I hope he comes home with a plan B, C all the way to D for him and his family.

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