Coke boy rapper French Montana has been in intensive care unit (ICU) for several days, after a 911 call to his home, reported from TMZ. When police arrived the Bronx rapper complained of cardiac issues and nausea . Cops felt he was intoxicated, at least according to the 911 call from TMZ. Associates of the rapper says he was NOT intoxicated. Montana, who real name is Karim Kharbouch, was tooken to a local hospital with an elevated heart rate. French took to his Instagram in his hospital bed, it appears doctors are still struggling to resolve the issues. Reported from the source, French has been traveling a lot between Middle East and Europe last couple of weeks  he most recently celebrated his 35th birthday in Africa. Sources around him think he may have been exposed to contaminated food, but the symptoms have gone unresolved. Several friend went on social media to wish a speedy recovery including ex-girlfriend Khloe Kardashians. Houston,TX Meg Thee Stallion stop by the hospital to show her industry friend love and support. We pray Montana get well and back to making them hits !



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