So much to do in the Cap Region this weekend !! And a big TGIF btw!!!! We have a hot, up and coming retro soul artist coming to Albany tomorrow and you can check him and his talent out for 0 dollarz!

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Join me in sending a big, old, welcome shout out to Mayer Hawthorne!!! He will be performing tomorrow at the Empire State State Plaza in Albany as part of what’s left of their free summer concert series of 2013.

He made a stop at Skidmore a few months back and gave one hell of a performance from what I was told, and I am sure he will be doing it up again tomorrow at the EGG.

If you have never heard of him, than you are missing out and I am glad that I am the one to let you in on this little soul secret…. He reminds me of a Hall and Oates of today, minus the Oates…he’s smooth, suave, and soulful and also rocks cool glasses like myself. J But I must thank my boy Aaron in all fairness, as he is the person who introduced me to his music in the first place about 2 years ago.

You can bet I will be swinging through tomorrow to hear Mr. Hawthorne’s skillz and I hope you can make it too! It’s supposed to be gorgeous out to boot!!

Check out an older song of his below, “Henny and Gingerale.” Pour yourself some as a matter of fact, sit back, and take a listen …. And just think, you can see him perform this live tomorrow, free, at the EGG!! Your Welcome!