The holiday season is about to get into full swing and the Capital's two Christmas trees have been chosen.

Are You Ready For Some Christmas Cheer?

Maybe you've noticed some lights popping up on homes in your neighborhood. Or maybe it is all the decorations that have been out in the store for two months! But yes, the holiday season is here which means we will soon be seeing Albany's Christmas trees being lit at the Empire State Plaza and at East Capitol Park. This year, both of those trees will be coming from 2 local towns.

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According to WNYT, the Plaza tree is being donated by the Reese family in Waterford and the Capitol tree by the heritage Family in Clifton Park. Both are being cut down this week to be put up and prepped for the Sunday, December 5th tree lighting.

And how 'bout a shout out to Albany for choosing some local trees?  The Rockefeller Center tree is coming from Maryland this year, which is odd considering that pine trees are all over the place in New York! It will be nice to see some Captial Region generosity represented by those trees in Albany in the weeks ahead! So get out and enjoy the season!

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