A looming jail sentence is hardly enough to keep Chris Brown down. Yesterday (July 15), the oft-troubled singer left his court appearance in L.A., where his probation was revoked, only to hit the Playboy mansion for a par-tay.

So one could say that Breezy -- who faces four years in jail for violating his probation due to a car accident (upgraded to hit-and-run when he failed to produce proper documentation) -- spent time with the Playboy Bunnies before he possibly becomes a jail bunny.

It wasn't just a frivolous hang sesh with the rabbits. Breezy attended a charity event that celebrates the MLB All-Star Game. He broed down with Snoop Lion and the Dodgers outfield sensation Yasiel Puig, as the Instragrammed photo above indicates. Does Breezy look worried? Not. In. The. Slightest.

You know, he was probably going to out to get his mind off his possible loss of freedom, right?

In his defense, Breezy has an album out today (July 16) and needs to be visible and promoting it so that it sells and has legs.

Remember what happened when T.I. was in jail and he couldn't promote his record 'No Mercy?' Exactly.

Breezy proclaimed his innocence in a frustrated, post-hearing tweet.

And he once again evoked the Breezus Christ comparisons. Yeah, we know.

PopCrushers, do you think Chris Brown should cool it?