I'm so happy that  I took a very educated trip to 518 owned and operated Yankee Distillery.I'm so happy to support local!

I didn't know what to expect at first but I did expect to learn a little something which I certainly did.

First, I love the fact that this business only uses resources here in the 518 that includes vendors for the grains,etc.I learned the process that my rum and bourbon go through in order to become what they are.Which was AMAZING!

I can't divulge any secrets, you'll have to check it out on your next date night to know the entire process.Tell owner Matt that Godess sent you!Don't forget to try the Moscow mule.


You'll be greeted by the coolest pug on the planet and your tour guide Scott is knowledgeable and very passionate about his craft!Trust me you'll wanna hangout for a round or two.

You'll also find some very awesome drink specials at the bar.Yes,they have a bar where you can sample and buy some good ole Yankee rum or whiskey.You will take home a  beautiful Yankee Distillery whiskey sniffer as a keepsake.Can you say YASSSSS?

I had a wonderful experience and will absolutely be going back.Maybe next visit I'll meet you there.Check them out Facebook and follow them @yankeedistillery. You'll love me for this one 518.

So where to next friends?Send your suggestions to @radiogodess or send me a snap @godes


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