It's Whiskey Night in Saratoga and that got me thinking about how whisky really is a perfect drink for the Capital Region.

We had some unseasonably warm weather this week, but Capital Region winters can be no joke. Even now we're apparently in for some snow just a day after temperatures hit a balmy 70 degrees. So, sometimes you just need a little something extra to get you through the bitter cold, dark winters of Upstate New York. I totally get it. Maybe it's not your drink of choice, but here are 4 reasons why whiskey adds up to being the perfect drink for Capital Region winters.

Best news of all? You can head up to Saratoga tonight for Whiskey Night as a part of Saratoga Beer Week. It's tonight!


  • 1

    Like Diamonds, Whisky is Forever

    According to a list of whisky facts compiled by Esquire, whisky can last effectively forever. That means it's the perfect drink to store away and have it ready to go whenever you need a little warmth on a cold Capital Region winter night.

  • 2

    Whisky Shows Your Patriotism

    Did you know George Washington started his own distillery? Yep! According to BuzzFeed, it was one of the biggest in America in its day. Here in the Capital Region we have Uncle Sam, and it looks like Uncle George made whisky a definitively American drink.

  • 3

    Whiskey is Best Without Ice

    Business Insider reminds us that Whiskey is best without ice. All the better for those of us drinking it during the Capital Region Winter.

  • 4

    Whiskey Can Keep You Lean

    The Whiskey Order reminds us that whiskey is easy on your figure, which makes it great for Capital Region winters when we are often cooped up inside and can't stay as active.

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